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Busy Bee Preschool is located in Firestone, Colorado. At Busy Bee Preschool, we strive to provide a quality preschool and daycare integrating fun with learning to the Tri-Town (Firestone, Frederick, Dacono) area. We offer full and half day preschool programs.

Our preschool curriculum is theme based, with an emphasis on play based learning. We focus on social relationships, language skills, problem solving, fine and gross motor development, self-help skills, and music and movement. In addition, we incorporate activities that promote letter, number, shape, and color recognition. Character Education is also an integral component to our program. We work to instill values with each child such as Respect, Caring, Patience, Politeness, Cooperation, and Forgiveness. Our program will prepare your child for success in Kindergarten and beyond.
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We assist in helping children to acquire a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills needed for school success. We believe an effective preschool environment is a place where children feel well cared for and safe. Our preschool is a place where children are valued as individuals and where their need for attention, approval, and affection are supported. In this environment, children can discover the world that surrounds them and develop the capacity to connect with others.

Full and Half Day Preschool:

Full Day
7:15 a.m.-5:15 p.m.

Half Day
8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

There are many options for enrollment.
2, 3, 4, or 5 day classes are available.


We have loved our son's 2 years at Busy Bee Preschool. Miss Vicki has the perfect mix of creativity, experience and imagination to captivate our child and ensure that he is ready for his next adventure into kindergarten. Miss Vicki is not just a teacher, but she is also a tenderhearted caregiver that sees to the needs of the whole child, not simply crayon to paper. Even though our time with her will soon be over, we know that the educational start that she has given our son will last the rest of his life.

-Michelle L.

For four years, Vicki Athmann and Busy Bee Preschool played an integral part of our family’s life. Both of my sons (now ages 7 and 10) attended Busy Bee, and both of them were more than ready, socially and academically, for the transition into a rigorous, full-day kindergarten program. Busy Bee’s curriculum was wonderful because it integrated learning into so many fun activities that kept them engaged and not only taught them the early educational skills they needed, but taught them to love to learn. I loved that while Busy Bee was an in-home environment, it offered benefits like music classes and field trips. When my youngest son was three, after five years of being a stay-at-home, I returned to the work force. I am so grateful that Vicki offered full-time day care because I knew that he was being cared for in a loving environment. I can’t thank Vicki enough for the early education and care she provided for us.

-Jynette Thompson

My daughter attended Busy Bee for 2 years and it couldn't have been more perfect! She is now thriving in kindergarten thanks to Ms. Vicki's preschool program. We feel lucky to have come across such a loving and nurturing environment for her first "school" experience.

-Heather S.

My child and I loved everything about Busy Bee Preschool. From the individual care, flexible scheduling and the many, many outings all the children go on. I especially loved that learning wasn't limited to the classroom. There were fieldtrips to museums, parks, farms, the library, music classes, and movement classes. The two years my child attended Busy Bee she felt loved and important. I never had to worry about her.

-Kelly Vasquez

I highly recommend Busy Bee Preschool wholeheartedly. Over the past few years, Ms. Vicki and her family have become an extension of our family and we feel so lucky to have found them. My daughter has been going to Busy Bee Preschool since she was 3 years old and we just get happier and happier with the care as time goes by. Vicki is a natural with kids. She strikes the perfect balance of educator and nurturer, giving the kids the love they need but also constantly focusing on building their skills and learning. It is a magical environment that surpasses every expectation I, as a parent, have. We always know that our daughter is safe and well taken care of with Ms. Vicki. We don't know what we would do without her!

-A Satisfied Mom

As a parent who had my oldest child in a center-based preschool, I was looking for something different for my other two children. Busy Bee Preschool is everything it says it is and more. I could not have chosen a better experience for my two girls than for them to attend and graduate from Busy Bee Preschool. My children were more than prepared for kindergarten and their teachers continue to say that the children coming out of Busy Bee Preschool are well ahead of others. Vicki is one of the most caring and loving people I have ever met. I am blessed to call her a friend and not just my child's teacher. She believes in educating the whole child, their mind and their body. She does many activities outside of the house and the number of field trips my children got to participate in was amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend Busy Bee Preschool as a positive choice for the whole child.

-Ericka Pilon

Ms. Vicki has brought exceptional learning and happiness into our 4 year old’s life. He has never been happy with preschool or daycare until we moved to Firestone and found Busy Bee Preschool. He loves going every day and her program is truly outstanding with such unique opportunities! They do everything from yoga and gymnastics to having a chef come in and teach the children how to cook! We couldn’t ask for a better learning experience for our little boy. Every day he is happy to go to preschool and has learned so much! Thank you Ms. Vicki for the well rounded, exciting learning experience you have given our young learner.

-The Reed Family

Three thumbs up! Learning, field trips, fun and friends. Busy Bee Preschool played a vital role in the early development of our triplets. Vicki is caring, professional and well trained. I recommend Busy Bee to all parents who want to give their child a successful head start in life.

- Amy & Brad Johnson

Busy Bee Preschool LLC
Vicki Athmann - Owner
Firestone, CO
303-506-8825 Cell

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